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Why choose distrib-u-tec software?


distrib-u-tec is a fully integrated ERP accounting system. Information is easily accessed directly from other open protocol applications. distrib-u-tec has been designed to allow one-time data entry. Information is keyed in once and is available from other integrated areas of the system. Information in each sub-ledger is real time, including account balances and product availability.

Time Saving

Time-consuming month-end or cut-off related tasks have been minimized. You may post entries to any period within the current fiscal year. Closing periods is user-controlled. All information is maintained in a transaction table and can be audited by batch, source, date, control numbers, etc. A full GL transaction and Inventory transaction audit trail is maintained. Nothing is hidden in the background or lumped together without the ability to see the details that have made up the whole.

Data Availability

The ability to recall, reprint and review any previously entered information is available at any time. Historical information is not purged at month end, which means that you retain the detail that made up your Sales, Inventory and Accounting figures so that you can use it. A ‘Snap Shot’ reporting methodology has been implemented so that you can literally generate reports to any AS AT date that you wish. It is not problem if you want an aged AR, AP or Inventory value list as at June 30th on August 15th. This methodology allows you to run reports when it fits your schedule and mandate rather than by the computer system’s schedule. Month end becomes just another day.

  • Sales/Order Entry

  • Picking & Routing

  • Customer Management

  • Pricing Management

  • Inventory Control

  • Purchasing & Receiving

  • Accounts Payable

  • Bank & Reconciliation

  • General Ledger

  • Warehouse Management

  • Mobile Data Collection

  • Remote Sales

  • Payroll

  • EDI

  • Web Ordering

  • Production

  • POS

  • Custom design screens/routines

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