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Implementation and Training 

distrib-u-tec provides on-site or Internet installation, consulting and training for all distrib-u-tec software products. We are known for the expertise we bring to a client site. We contribute more than just time and training; we also provide project management, mentoring, creative and practical advice and tips on how our software can be best utilized by each client to attain their goals


Custom programming is conducted by the same programmers that built the base distrib-u-tec software. Your special needs are integrated into the base distrib-u-tec software using technology that preserves the common structure of this software. This means that clients with customized features can participate in routine new feature updates and seamless integration of other distrib-u-tec companion products. Custom services include special reports, form formatting, new features designed to streamline your operations to your specific needs, and B2B (Business to Business) communication services. 

B2B - Business to Business 


distrib-u-tec and its parent company InterSect Business Systems work in concert to provide a host of Business to Business tools. EDI files, FTP protocols, and TCP/IP protocols are used to connect you with your important trading partners over the Internet. 

Getting Started

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