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Sales/Order Entry

  • Rapid entry mode, order guide mode, or traditional entry

  • Multiple order types - standard, advance, pre-paid, on hold, quotes, credit memo, pick up memo

  • Multiple warehouse sales capability

  • Auto-routing based upon customer's next available route

  • Customer order guide lists previously ordered products, quantities, buying stats, default prices, push items, and more

  • Inventory on-hand, allocated (pending orders), and on order (current PO) displayed

  • Selling below cost notification

  • Integrated margin management

  • Auto price based on customer set-up

  • Catch weight integration with picking

  • Lot and Best Before/Expiry Date look up

  • Report on lost sales due to lack of inventory

  • Generate special order request to buyer from order entry screen

  • View the current customer account and drill down on past invoice detail from order screen

  • Seamless integration with optional EDI, e-commerce Web based orders, and remote sales functions

  • Extensive off menu plus user defined reporting functionality

  • Integrated commission reporting

  • and more

distrib-u-tec Features

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Additional distrib-u-tec Features

Warehouse Management System

distrib-u-tec's Warehouse Management System is designed to help improve a company's productivity and reduce costs, while at the same time contribute to improving the company's service and competitive advantages. The WMS add-on allows a business to have a greater level of detail on exactly what is in the warehouse and where exactly everything is located at any given time. In distrib-u-tec items can be assigned a tracking scheme which then allows the system to track items by location(Section, Slot & Skid), serial or lot number, Production and Best Before Dates, or other user defined values. 

distrib-u-tec's WMS directs and optimizes the following functions:

  • Receiving

  • Put-Away

  • Replenishment

  • Skid Tracking

  • Picking

  • Warehouse Transfers

  • Cycle Counts

  • Labeling

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